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Speed-Agility-Explosive Power-Quickness-Balance-Reaction-Strength


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Chris Molitor, CSCS, USAW

Chris Molitor, CSCS, USAW

Owner, Head Coach

Phone: 651.334.1938

We build a complete athlete.


  • Explosive power development
  • Scientific and technical based approach
  • Proper mechanics
  • Strength and speed training
  • Sport-specific drills
  • Programs tailored to athlete's specific goals

About Molitor Athletic Performance


At Molitor Athletic Performance we aim to utilize an athlete’s full potential. There are many factors that contribute to a total athlete which include speed, strength, flexibility, explosiveness, mobility, reaction time, among others.  If one of these factors is deficient or neglected it can effect the potential to maximize an athlete's strengths. For example if an athlete has big strong powerful muscles but lacks flexibility and mobility, the athlete is limited on how explosively they can fire that muscle and are at risk for injury if that muscle is stretched beyond its limits.

Molitor Athletic Performance takes a scientific and technical based approach to the development of athletes.  There is reasoning behind every exercise and drill that is administered.  Each exercise is a piece in the puzzle to obtaining each athlete’s specific goal. There is strict attention to detail in movement and exercise technique. This insures the proper development of the athlete and also helps to utilize the strengths the athlete already possesses. Everybody knows the old saying “practice makes perfect”, but this is not always true. At Molitor Athletic Performance we believe that “perfect practice makes perfect”.  For example, an athlete can run a hundred sprints a day or shoot a thousand shots a day, but if the athlete is using incorrect biomechanics they will not be efficient in that skill and will be wasting time and energy.  The athlete might get good at doing the skill incorrectly, but there will be limitations as to the improvement at that skill.